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Ways to enhance your Legal Research

Post by Priyesh Raj, June 1, 2019, 3:59 p.m.
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Not all things in life are important, some things are optional too. You have to decide what is best and worst for you. However, when it comes to professionalism, there cannot be a set criteria to decide about the unimportance of something, especially when you are a lawyer.

Law being the representation of society, the entire legal profession depends on legal research. Legal research aspires for improved understanding of law that is richer, deeper and more comprehensive. Therefore lawyers should be aware about and should be in practice of effective research to attain professional success. As said, ‘The stronger the pillar, the more effective is the building against calamities.’

Knowing and understanding the issue.

Make sure you know the problem you are finding the solution for. Generally people run off to all of there helping hands, without understanding the overall issue. Identify the correct issue, go to your prospect, jot down everything and then start your research towards it.

Recognising the limits of free research

Free legal research is only good in theoretical part, when you are bounded to cost factor. However, there are certain limitations to free research services and in the long run it can also affect your research accuracy. Since the service is free, it may lack certain valuable features such as accurate case data, current status, having outdated content to make your overall case research weak.

Chase the rabbit

During your research, you may find a few cases that address your issue. Don’t stop there. What other cases do those cases cite? Look them up and read them. Keep reading and go with the flow until you have reviewed every case addressing your issue. Don’t be satisfied till you’ve gone down every rabbit hole.

Read more and gain information

Undoubtedly for any kind of research, be it legal, occupational, business related or so forth, reading is an essential part of the research. However, the key is to efficiently read, which goes beyond just understanding the text on a page. It is impossible to finish a book thoroughly in few minutes or hours, thus it is important to be selective while reading. It is not necessary to read the entire book to cover and understand the crux of the matter.

It is noted that in some cases, certain books have splendid introduction section where the author summarizes the whole book in a nutshell, making it an excellent place to start.

Another skill which needs to be developed is that of changing the kind of reading depending on the utility of the information furnished. Get into practice of reading, whether from books or internet. The index pages at the end of the book increases the efficiency of the entire process of reading and research, if you are online then the terms can be searched using various websites or search engines. Search for the books and websites that deal with proper legal matters and concepts, this is the skill that includes knowing what to search and where to find solutions.

The proficiency enhances with experience over the years. The task of research is not as simple as it sounds. It is a multi-layered process which begins with looking for information, selecting, noting and interpreting relevant information and then applying it for the required purpose. Therefore, effective reading increases the competency and productivity of the research.