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Artificially Intelligent platform for Legal Research!

An Online legal research platforms for lawyers in India, mLeAP® uses the power of Machine Learning and Natural Language to make legal research and analysis more efficient.

Why mLeAP®

Always Available.

Access from Desktop/Mobile devices.

Latest Technology.

Featuring machine learning technology stack to ease your legal research effort.

Easy to Use.

Find relevant judgments, case laws with commonly speaking sentences. Legal research Simplified.

Your Own Briefcase.

Download judgments and save in your own workspace. Carry everywhere with you.

Save Time.

Reduce your legal research time by over 50%. Spend time in building relationships and attracting clients.

Save money.

Legal research is costly. Our pricing plan is designed to help you save cost big time. Spend less, gain more.

Legal research with plain English case facts

With the help of Machine Learning and NLP technology, mLeAP® works with plain English case facts. No Keywords or random analysis. Write what you think and mLeAP® can analyze it for you and find relevant judgments from it's store of legal database. Currently we support judgments by Honbl. Supreme Court of India

Success score for similar cases

Find out the chances of success by knowing how similar cases faired in court in the past. Understand your chances and prepare a better argument.

Judgment Research

Need to understand what went in a Judgment? With one click, find out important keywords, concepts and relations discussed in a particular judgment. Also find out the discussions happening, all with the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Document Research

Need to evaluate Term Plan? Contracts? Our document research functionality works on latest machine learning techniques to help you with that. Find out important keywords, concepts and relations discussed in a particular document, with one click.

What people are saying...

Adv. Prashant Kumar, IT Lawyer, Patna

"This is fantastic! Our legal research effort has reduced considerably. Makes life very easy. Thanks so much guys!"

Praveen Kumar, BSEB, Patna

Searched a judgment from Supreme court on all other products to no avail. Found it on mLeAP® with crude english. Awesome !

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